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I’m happy to announce that I have broken ground on selling NFTs!!

Over the past few months, I’ve had a ton of fun exploring Web3 and its potential for creatives.

I figured the best way to understand what’s happening was to make work and publish it. So I did!

Click through to my page to see what I’ve been cooking up.

Come back when you can. I’ll be adding more designs in the future, too.

** I’m including a signed first edition of Pop Art Vintage Tractors with every NFT, too!

Why choose between the virtual and the IRL when you can have both?! **





Blueberry Jamz LLC Charmed, I'm Sure Logo
Charmed I'm Sure Blueberry Jamz LLC
Charmed, I'm Sure Blueberry Jamz LLC

Make every toast a friendly roast with Charmed, I’m Sure

I’m delighted to share that I have a new product on the market!

Charmed, I’m Sure are a set of 4 humorous, handmade pewter wine charms with stainless steel rings.

Laugh the night away with the playful nicknames the wine charms provide. And help me build this little side hustle into a comedy empire. 😉

Charmed, I’m Sure are the perfect gift for life-long friends and new acquaintances you’d like to know better.

Charmed, I’m Sure are designed, manufactured, and assembled in America. They come in a sustainable, presentation-ready kraft paper box.

Only a few sets remain from the last production run, so if you’d like some let me know by sending me an email.

My plan is to expand the line in the future, though I’ll likely wait until the other side of COVID when people can gather safely again.

Have fun! Love ya!!