Adam’s books blur the boundaries between memoir, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Each piece is illustrated using a different visual art technique, including drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, photography, and a variety of digital media.

Though each book is its own stand alone project, the collected works are set in rural New England and cover 500 years of history. Stick around. Every new project adds another layer to the world he’s building.

Learn more about any title by clicking the cover below. Every page features a selection of written passages and colorful illustrations.

Adam Blue Beyond the Beyonds Cover Illustration Memoir Creative Nonfiction Ghost Story
Adam Blue Cookbook 2314 Cover Illustration Dystopia Future Recipes
Adam Blue White Cube Book Cover Humor Art Modernism
Adam Blue Lunch Hour Book Cover Work Life Balance Collage Office Supplies
Adam Blue Beyond the Beyonds Cover Illustration Memoir Creative Nonfiction Ghost Story
Adam Blue Pop Art Tractors Cover America Farmall Classic
Adam Blue Organic Pallet Book Cover Organic Gardening Graphic Design Color Theory
Adam Blue Road to Arrowhead Book Cover Horror Madness Civil War Art
Adam Blue Local Control Book Cover Politics Rural America 2016 Election Trump Clinton
Adam Blue AstroExplorer Book Cover Constellations Horoscopes Humor Drawing
Adam Blue Hamilton Stillwell Book Cover Sculpture Cornish Colony Antiques

The Whitefish Review is a nationally acclaimed, nonprofit literary and arts journal based out of Whitefish, MT.

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Over the past decade, the journal has grown from an idea into a powerhouse. The semi-annual, color magazine presents contemporary ideas from world class thinkers that will inspire and challenge any reader, has garnered brick and mortar distribution throughout the US, and earned a world-wide base of subscribers.

Whether as a reader, writer, or artist — get involved with the Whitefish Review!