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Adam Blue Freedom at the Fair Book

Freedom at the Fair

This high-spirited photography book explores agricultural fairs in rural New England between 2006 and 2018.

Adam Blue Cookbook 2314 Book

Cookbook 2314

Part illustrated field guide, part journal, and all cookbook, this primary document from 300 years into a dystopian future finds the last vestiges of humanity in the foods we eat.
Adam Blue White Cube Book

How the White Cube Hangs Once the Gallery Has Closed

This humorous project follows the life and times of a White Cube in our work-a-day world.

Adam Blue Road to Arrowhead Book

The Road to Arrowhead

An antique batch of picture frames purchased on eBay drive an artist mad as he prepares for an upcoming exhibition.
Adam Blue Beyond the Beyonds Book

Beyond the Beyonds

An artist’s obsession with historic New England tombstones takes a chilling turn in this illustrated, multi-media tale.
Adam Blue Pop Art Vintage Tractors Book

Pop Art Vintage Tractors

This visual meditation on 20th-century American tractors unites Pop Art, a love of mechanical engineering, and a hearty helping of Americana.
Adam Blue Organic Palette Book

An Organic Palette

At the intersection of organic gardening, graphic design, and hard-edge abstraction, An Organic Palette creates a visual menu of delights from one summer’s harvest.

Adam Blue Lunch Hour Book

Lunch Hour

The myth of work-life balance in the early 21st century is address in this illustrated creative nonfiction piece.

Adam Blue Local Control Book

Local Control

An artist sits outside the polls of a fictional New Hampshire town in November 2016 and trades people portrait drawings for their opinions on American life and politics.
Adam Blue AstroExplorer Book


Combining humor and cultural critique, AstroExplorer refreshes the night sky with 80 new constellaions and 12 new horoscopes reflecting contemporary life.
Adam Blue Hamilton Stillwell Book

The Hamilton Stillwell Collection, 1916-1918

This tongue-in-cheek narrative tells the tale of Hamilton Stillwell, a prominent artist and bootlegger casually erased from New England history.




I’m happy to announce that I have broken ground on selling NFTs!!

Over the past few months, I’ve had a ton of fun exploring Web3 and its potential for creatives.

I figured the best way to understand what’s happening was to make work and publish it. So I did!

Click through to my page to see what I’ve been cooking up.

Come back when you can. I’ll be adding more designs in the future, too.

** I’m including a signed first edition of Pop Art Vintage Tractors with every NFT, too!

Why choose between the virtual and the IRL when you can have both?! **



Blueberry Jamz LLC Charmed, I'm Sure Logo
Charmed I'm Sure Blueberry Jamz LLC
Charmed, I'm Sure Blueberry Jamz LLC

I made the first set of these wine charms as a silly gift for my family.

Everyone loved them so much, I decided to make them available to other like-minded jokers.

Only a few sets remain from the last production run, so if you’d like some let me know by sending me an email.

My plan is to expand the line in the future, though I’ll likely wait until the other side of COVID when people can gather safely again.




Adam Blue Exhibition Install Image


Adam has exhibited drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, and installations in galleries, nonprofits, and museums across the US and abroad.

Catch up with his shows, past and present, on the blog pages.

Adam Blue Social Practice Art


Adam has coordinated a significant number of participatory social practice projects, where outside of a gallery environment, art becomes a part of everyday life!

Learn more about the social practice projects by clicking here.