Blue_Spring 2021 Cookie Fortune

This long COVID winter…

… has been a beast: filled with hard times for so many, me included.

I was forced to make some changes—all for the better, in truth—and though the uncertainty was troubling while everything was in flux, I’m happy to have made it through.

I suppose we all know the feeling. Everyone gets their turn in the crucible. Powerlessness, disappointment. All the Buddhist books I read and podcasts I listened to couldn’t take the feeling away. But they did give me permission to sit with it. To find space in the discomfort to breathe. Which is a lot in a moment of contraction.

On the creative front, I did complete another pass at my novel-in-process. So all was not lost. At 52,000+ words, it’s a heavy lift. I believe it will take another draft, or two. Gonna set it aside for a spell, come back to it with fresh eyes. Though I’d love to be done, it’s not a race.

For the moment, I’m delighting in electric guitar. Amazing how much pleasure a $90 warped neck axe can give. Woo!

I hope you’re doing well, too. Or at least the best you can. Spring is here. Thanks for checking in. Back with another note soon…