Call for Entries: Whitefish Review #20




Artists, Writers, Poets and Photographers—October 1 is the deadline to submit your work for consideration for the Whitefish Review’s 20th (!!!) Issue.

We have an interview with Jimmy Kimmel lined up, a new humor category, and the 2016 $1000 Montana Prize for Fiction.

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AVA and Valley News Public Art Project



Still feeling so proud to have been part of this project.


AVA and the Valley News Public Art


The Valley News and AVA Gallery and Art Center invite you and your family to color, cut out, play with, share and enjoy prints made by local artists that will be published in a large spread in the newspaper.

The collaboration is part of an ongoing effort by AVA to put art directly in the hands of Upper Valley residents — on grocery bags, on pizza boxes, on buses, and now, in the Valley News. Pick up your copy on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016.

And please share how you used the prints in your own art! Tag @vnewsuv (Instagram and Twitter) and @avagallery_org (Instagram and Twitter) with the photos of your work, with hashtags #vnewsuv and #avagalleryandartcenter. You can also tag us on Facebook, too: Valley News and AVA Gallery and Art Center.

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I’m very proud to have been part of this project!






Sunday Soup — Sunday, August 7, 3pm



Please join Randall Szott and me for another entertaining afternoon of fine food, great company, and a local micro-grant arts program.

AVA Gallery and Art Center

Sunday, August 7, 3pm

Good times!



Whitefish Review #19 — CHANGE


whitefish review 19 cover change

I’m delighted to share that Whitefish Review #19 — CHANGE, edited by Cristina Eisenberg, is now out!

This issue features one of the final interviews that Jim Harrison gave, a selection of prominent thinkers writing about his literary legacy, as well as original art, fiction, non-fiction, photography, and poetry from an international collection 40 artists and writers!

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Visit to the Hall Art Foundation


Hall Foundation


Between working hard on my 9th book and laboring dawn and dusk to get this year’s garden in the ground, I will likely slow down on posting artwork for a few weeks.

That stated, I recently had the good fortune to visit the Hall Art Foundation in Reading, VT.

The above image was taken in one of their gallery-refinished interiors of one of their traditional New England barns. It’s a very interesting site—old, rural architecture on the outside; international art-space white on the inside. Seeing the exposed beams completely whited-out was a curious experience. Of course, the art on display was really nice, too.




Sunday Soup at AVA



I’m looking forward to spending more time with Randall Szott in the coming weeks and months. He proposed starting a quarterly Sunday Soup program at AVA Gallery and Art Center, and I can’t wait to be part of the process..

Sunday Soup is a community-based food and arts granting experience.

The first gathering is scheduled for Sunday, May 1 at 3pm, at AVA.

Here’s how Sunday Soup was described in the April 28, 2016 Valley News:

Sunday Soup Valley News 4-28-16

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The Road to Arrowhead


Blue_Road to Arrowhead_Cover_Web

I’m excited to share that my eighth book is now available on

Here’s the blurb:

The author flirts with darkness, inside and out, when an online order arrives haunted by yesterday’s horrors. This genre-bending book features 19 original artworks and a 3,000-word story to frame them.

Click here to learn more and see three sample images.

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Thank you – I hope you like it.


2016 Best of the Upper Valley High School Exhibition


AVA 2016 HS Valley News Web

Once again, I’m so happy to have been part of the team that organizes the Best of the Upper Valley High School Exhibition at AVA Gallery and Art Center. Now in its 8th year, it’s a highlight for teen artists throughout our region. This year’s show features works by 150 students from 17 public, private, and vocational high schools in northern Vermont and New Hampshire, and is sponsored entirely by local businesses that recognize how special it is for everyone.

The exhibition was reviewed in the Valley News, in an article titled Show of Optimism by Nicola Smith. Please click here to read it in full on the AVA website.


Call for Entries: Whitefish Review Issue #19 — Change


WFR Header

Whitefish Review is a nationally-acclaimed, non-profit journal publishing the distinctive literature, art, and photography of mountain culture. Author Doug Peacock has called it, “One of the most refreshing journals to hit the literary scene in years.”

Featuring established and emerging authors and artists, Whitefish Review weaves a diverse mix of stories, interviews and conversations along with a 16-page color art section.

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Issue #19 will be guest edited by Cristina Eisenberg.

In this issue of Whitefish Review we explore change and all it means today. We are seeking fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art on the theme of change. We are especially looking for submissions about how people have responded to change, both personal and global, turned challenges into inspiration, found humor in even the most difficult times, and grown in the process. What do loose change, sex change, and menopause mean amid rising sea levels? What are we doing as world citizens, artists, and scholars to adapt to and mitigate global change? What are our sources of hope? What can we say about our society’s resistance to change?

Where do we find our wellspring of inspiration? And where are we to go from here?

Change has always been intrinsic to living. Most of us change our jobs, partners, houses, diet, hair, college major, and car multiple times during our life. Some of these changes are forced by circumstances beyond our control, others are our way of making intuitive and creative leaps, rebelling, finding our path and our bliss, taking wild chances, shifting gears. While not all such changes are easy, many lead to very positive outcomes in our lives.

However, we are also living in a time of vast, sweeping global change that is affecting every living being on Earth. The world is heating up, leading to what has become known as the Sixth Extinction. Against the backdrop of global change, our life choices take on even greater meaning. And we are learning that as a society, acknowledging such change entails saying goodbye on personal to global scales-and redefining ourselves and how we live and relate to all living beings.

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